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  Having Trouble Stepping into your Power?

You’re Not Alone! And We’re Here to Help!

Here at the Ancestral Healing Salon we know a thing or two about what it takes to step into your fullest Divine Expression and allow your True Power to shine brightly out there in the world, where it is so desperately needed!

One of the key factors (that is often overlooked) is the deeply ingrained beliefs, habits and FEARS of your Ancestors. 

Not so long ago, it was truly a matter of life or death if you risked admitting that you had intuitive gifts, or the capacity to heal or guide others. Women were required to play small and be content with their role as home-maker. Men were required to play it tough and ‘bring home the bacon’!

This denial and suppression of what we can call the Feminine Frequencies has far-reaching consequences for both Men and Women in todays world. 

The Ancestral Healing Salon team know that it is time that we, as a community, find the courage to respect and release the fears of our ancestors, so that you can embrace your true capacity. 

If you KNOW that this is what you’re working with right now, you will NOT want to miss out on the incredible and truly life-changing opportunity that the Ancestral Healing Salon is offering you! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you drop your email address in the box below and then head over to your email account and add to your address book/drag our emails to the inbox etc. 

You will be the first to know about every step of this journey – the pre-work, the upcoming Claim Your Power healings and all the other magic that the Divine is gonna send your way through the intuitive hits it sends me!


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